Spirals of Freedom
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Life is not a linear process. Instead life ebbs and flows in a dynamic pattern of evolution. Even though it appears we are "going in circles", life actually flows as a "circle in motion" and in order for us to live life fully we must consciously engage within this flow to create motion in the direction of our choosing. If we are unconscious life finds a way to wake us up. Take a minute to think about the simple act of turning around because of a forgotten object, changing directions on a whim, broken relationships, chance encounters, unemployment, accidents, illness, detours...these events can change everything. Becoming aware in these moments offers us clues in the direction of our highest good and highest potential. Carl Jung called these events "synchronicity." Whatever you call it, it is an opportunity to wake up...moments that remind us to be conscious and aware of the only time we truly have, NOW.

When we embrace the opportunities offered by the spiraling dance of our days we awaken within us a process of creating and recreating ourselves at the rate of our own awareness. Becoming healthy requires us to discover our SELF as an observer of our existence and a creator of our experience. Growth and transformation occur when we can speak the language of our Soul and really, really hear ourSelves. This path is not always easy, it is most often uncertain and uncharted. The journey requires trust in the process, creativity, courage and a deep desire to be reunited with wholeness.

My counseling practice is open to anyone who has a passion and desire to grow, heal, evolve and be whole. I offer a safe, creative space as open potential for a catalyst toward transformation. I will hold the center while you find your own. More than anything I hope this virtual space will remind you to wake the sleeping giant within you and be fully present to your life. YOU are the creator, YOU are the artist of your life!

I look forward to being a witness in your journey back to your TRUE SELF!

Loretta Crawford Kissel, MA-ABS, CMHS, LMHC

Offering Co-creative psychotherapy for
of all ages, families, couples, groups, organizations and
small business.

Specialties Include:
Systems Counseling and Coaching, Integration work, Trauma, PTSD, IFS-Internal Family Systems, AFS-Archetypal Family Systems, Artistic Systems Therapy.

 Email: Spirals@SpiralsOfFreedom.com
 Phone:(360) 489-9151
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